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We welcome students of all ages to explore our contemporary co-working space in Frisco.

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Challenge and Inspire Yourself with Classes in Computer programming, Coding and Robotics

Afterschool and Weekend Classes at our Frisco Campus

Ready to be Inspired? Visit our hi-tech space, and discover a cool place to hang out, a world where imaginations come alive. iCode offers courses for every age and skillset. Entry level is based on your grade level at school.

iCode Courses for Every Age and Skillset

iCode offers STEAM courses in computer programming and robotics among others for students in grades 1 through 12.

iCode programs are structured following the martial arts belt system, allowing us to recognize students’ commitment and achievement. This structure also serves as the foundation for a culture of respect and acknowledgement of those who have advanced the field of Computer Science through our programs.

Click on any of the belts to learn more about their objectives and sprints.

computer courses for beginners

White Belt


White Belt

Computer Basics

Storyboarding and Design Thinking

Programming Concepts and Creative Thinking with Scratch

Introduction to Robotics

Beginning HTML

computer programming courses children

Yellow Belt

Yellow Belt

Mobile App Development with App Inventor

Introduction to Algorithms

Intermediate HTML

Enhanced Concepts in Robotics

Beginning Electronics with Raspberry Pi

programming languages for teens

Orange Belt


Orange Belt

Logical Thinking with Alice

Web Development with HTML and CSS

Project Creation with Raspberry Pi

Basic Principles of Sound Engineering and Digital Music Creation

afterschool coding for teens

Red Belt


Red Belt

Introduction to Programming with Python

Robotics Science with Mindstorms

Hardware/Software Interaction with Raspberry Pi

The Art of Innovation

Introduction to Object Oriented Programming

Agile Methodology

coding for teens

Green Belt

Green Belt

Intermediate Software Language

Introduction to Operating Systems

More Algorithms

UX Design

Networking Concepts

coding schools

Blue Belt

Blue Belt

Back end web development

Database Systems

Advanced Software Language

Advanced Operating Systems

Advanced Algorithms

Introduction to Mobile Development Platforms

afterschool coding programs dallas

Black Belt

Black Belt

Advanced OOP

Mobile App Development

Advanced Embedded Development

Advanced Robotics

Advanced Software Language