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iCode MakerSpace is unlike any other place where children from 6th to 12th grade have a unique opportunity to tinker with Raspberry Pis, Arduinos and 3D printers among many other cool gadgets.

MakerSpace is a place to let the imagination flow. We are allowing young minds to experiment at their own pace and interact with the technologies that speak closest to their hearts. Something unheard of in any other school!

Click on the image to register and take advantage of what iCode MakerSpace has to offer. Or, take one of the introductory classes on Saturdays to see the possibilities that lie within the world of computer hardware, robots, and much more!

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MakerSpace | Robotics Projects

Computer Science and Robotics Classes to Inspire the Next Generation

Taking STEAM to a New Level

Come to iCode and see enthusiastic students in dynamic classrooms and labs collaborating, engaging, having fun. iCode is not about traditional education; it’s about instilling a passion for learning and developing new ideas. It’s about understanding, absorbing and making use of concepts, tools and techniques unlike anything students are experiencing in schools today.

We are proud to see students' minds grow, because they see the purpose and relevance in the concepts they learn. This makes iCode a unique place to prepare young minds to succeed in a global and highly technological economy — regardless of where life takes them!

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iCode | Robotics for Kids

Challenge and Inspire Yourself with Classes in Computer Programming, Coding and Robotics

iCode Courses for Every Age and Skillset

iCode offers STEAM courses in computer programming and robotics among others for students in grades 1 through 12.

iCode programs are structured following the martial arts belt system, allowing us to recognize students’ commitment and achievement. This structure also serves as the foundation for a culture of respect and acknowledgement of those who have advanced the field of Computer Science through our programs.

Click on any of the belts to learn more about their objectives and sprints.